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AlphaDog, Get The Bitch You Want: A Man's Guide to Dating, by a Woman


Part I: Alpha Expectations

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2 The alpha dog wants the bitch.....5
Dog, not gorilla; Dogs rock; Why bitch; What is want; What you want; Start with what you want

3 Deconstruct the dating game.....11
Dating trends; Why date; Definition of date

Part II: Dog Dynamics

4 The dog pack.....17
Survival skills; A dating archetype; Community values; Two wild dog points

5 The AlphaDog.....22
The importance of being alpha; Anyone can lead; Lead like an alpha dog

6 Reduce speed, decrease power.....26
Tactics; Purpose and intent; Like a business plan; An AlphaDog biz plan; Clarify your objectives; Invest

7 Dog play.....32
Biology and otherwise; 1 + 1 =; Dog courtship; The human process; Flirting is like dog play; Never stop playing

8 Hunt smart.....38
Forget bars; Location; Get familiar; Have clear objectives; Show intent

9 Be the lead dog.....43
The lead dog; Grow in competence; Leadership actions; Leadership, not management

10 The suitable mate.....47
Compatibility; The intimacy factor; Suitable for you; Going by gut; Trust

Part III: Mating rituals

11 The sniffing process.....55
Getting to sniff; Dating = sniffing; More than words; Relationship levels; Keep it fun

12 Initiative.....61
Men must take initiative; Dating initiative; Be proactive; Think outside the box

13 Socialization.....66
Growing up; Social experience; Respect and consideration; Socializing with strangers; Getting to first base; Integrity; Change; Seize opportunities

14 AlphaDog-speak.....72
Communication; Communication levels; Flirting; How to ask for a date; Body language; Eliminate misunderstanding; Practice

15 Dog memory.....78
Games should be fun; Build trust; Integrity (again); Be creative

16 Smell and timing.....83
What is smell and timing; It really is smell; ...and chemistry; Relationship readiness; Love; Increase smell and timing chances; Rules can be fun; Platonic relationships; Expand your horizons

17 Persist.....89
The gray area; Get off the phone (Internet); Hidden rules; When to persist; Take action; It’s good for you

Part IV: Breeds

18 Temperaments.....97
Breeds are like personality types; Why personality; Jungian typology; Knowledge is powerful

19 Personality.....101
Specifics matter; The MBTI; MBTI basics; Who you see ≠ who she is; Educate yourself; Make it practical

20 Know your breed.....108
Self-awareness; Self-mastery; Getting to leadership; “The General”; Start training; Who are you; Value your tenden¬cies

21 Know her breed.....114
Connection; Be relatable; How she thinks; Bullseye

22 Different breeds,different needs.....119
To Mr. Logical; To Mr. Sensitive; Connect cooperatively; Be realistic; Character needs; Persevere

23 Pairing with the best.....125
No purgatory; Make it natural; Be on guard; Invest in the better; Don’t be too exclusive; She’s out there; What’s best for you; It’s never easy

Part V: Becoming Alpha

24 From beta to alpha.....133
Don’t forget the dogs; Character growth; What is leader¬ship; Accept criticism; Be open; Other people are like mirrors; Grow in your position

25 Getting alpha out of introversion.....139
Extroverts; Introverts; Extro- vs Intro-; Tendency tips the scale; How to extrovert yourself; Dealing with shyness; Find motivation; Go for it

26 The alpha oversees.....146
Sensory; Intuitive; Big picture thinking; Anticipation; What is intuition; Perspective; Intuition and dating

27 Alpha logic.....152
Effective logic; Feelings; Leadership and emotional intel¬ligence; Honesty; To Thinking types; Logical feelings; A real man

28 Alpha business.....158
Spontaneity; Planning dates; Invest; Decisiveness; To Perceiving types; Increase knowledge; Prioritize; For emotional types; Wishy-washy sucks

29 The real alpha.....165
A pitching analogy; Leadership habits; Practice; Bad pride is bad; A true leader; Self-improvement; Be Alpha

30 The truly alpha pair.....170
Compatibility; Character is secondary; Interdependence; Not codependence; Synergize; Truly alpha

Part VI: “Good Dog”

31 Smart dogs don’t do tricks.....179
Pickup tactics; Useful tools; Pickups are not enough; Missing leadership; Do something; Initiative; Consideration; Sincerity; Leadership must be daily

32 Growl if you have to.....184
Embrace failure; Be responsible; Face obstacles; Take care of yourself

33 You, the AlphaDog.....189
The next level; Comfort; Attitude; Chivalry; Openness; Responsibility; Dealing with abuse issues; Master it

34 Pack dynamics.....197
Growing up; Learn from social circles; Women 101; Why pursue; Women have priorities; Be different

35 “Are you my AlphaDog?”.....202
Are you for real; Get stronger; Are you listening; Expecta¬tions; Are you alpha-bound

36 The unexpected breed.....207
About women; Thanks for understanding; Proaction; Get more knowledge; Be unexpected

37 Top Dog.....211
How to prepare; Maintain Alphaness; Influence; Work it


Acknowledgements.....last-but-not-least page

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