AlphaDog, The Book Why "bitch"?
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Why "bitch"?

A note from the author

Some people are offended that I use the word "bitch" in the title of my book. If you are one of them, please read what I wrote in the book:

When I write bitch, of course, I’m not referring to a nasty woman, though some men like them nasty girls. When you think about it, there’s something positive about a girl who’s called a bitch: She has influence.

Among wild dogs, dominance is not about power. As smaller predators, the dominant dogs in packs must be overseers, striving to maintain the pack’s social structure, which is essential for survival. So, the male alpha dog doesn’t want just any bitch. He wants another overseer.

If you're still offended, my apologies. I do not want to offend people. (Would it have been better if I called it, AlphaBull, Get The Cow You Want? I don't think so.)

Sometimes we have to make noise to get a message out. Women all over the country, including myself, have been hurt because of the way men treat us. But that's why I wrote this book. I feel for every woman in the world who goes through pain and heartache as a result of someone else's disrespect. I gave the book an edgy title in order to get men's attention, give them and their significant others hope, and give love a chance.

Here's the bitch who inspired the title. More on Penny, the dog, to come...

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